Talent RISE is joining forces with leading youth support organisations to develop innovative, real world employment programs for young people.

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Talent RISE is uniting the spirit of 15 million global IT&T professionals to collectively roll up their sleeves and facilitate real world solutions to the youth unemployment crisis.

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Recent Placements at RISE: Kylie Spencer

Get to know some of the amazing people we've been able to help find jobs like Kylie. She's joined Talent International's Melbourne branch as a Office Administrator.

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  • The rise of the global virtual worker

    The rise of the global virtual worker may help to tackle youth unemployment in Australia. Here’s what it is and why it may help to solve the crisis.

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  • Talent RISE does the Whitelion Bailout

    The Annual ‘Bail Out’ is Whitelion’s national fundraising and awareness campaign providing a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a young person that has been disconnected from our …

  • Why technological advancement is a good thing for young Australians

    Many young unemployed Australians see technology as taking away job opportunities. However, digital development is also providing new opportunities.

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