Thank you Talent Unleashed Awards Sponsors

Talent RISE would like to thank the 2016 Talent Unleashed Awards Sponsors for their generosity in contributing to the Talent RISE Foundation.

All sponsorship dollars contributed by our sponsors at the year’s awards go directly to Talent RISE to help us give back to the community through our real world employment programs for young people.

Talent RISE is joining forces with leading youth support organisations to make a positive impact on youth through training, job placement and mentoring opportunities.
At the Talent Unleashed Awards Global Grand Final’s event in Sydney on August 18, Talent RISE program manager Roger Antochi together with our partners at Weave, represented by Keenan Mundine spoke with Talent RISE ambassador Jane Tewson about how important it is to give young people a start and some of the great initiatives that we are working on together including an inspirational technology workshop for 50 young indigenous kids to be held in September at Google.

Talent RISE Founder Richard Earl explaining “What we are trying to do with Talent RISE is to leverage the power of the massive technology community that we are connected to, through our 15 offices globally and though that help these kids to get some training, get some mentoring and see if we can get them into the technology workforce”.


A special thanks all of the 2016 Year Talent Unleashed Awards sponsors:
Blueprint Law

We would encourage all businesses across the technology community to get involved with Talent RISE by offering job placements or mentoring for the young people participating in the program.

Ask us how you can get involved.