A hand-up, not a hand-out

Jo-Ash was bullied at school but through Talent RISE he found his confidence and work experience with the technology team at Ricoh.

Would you be willing to use your privilege to help underrepresented young people across the UK launch a career in the technology industry?

Talent RISE relies on the good-will and support of individuals and organisations to continue its work. Your donation will help contribute to a brighter future for a young person and in turn create a more diverse, accessible and vibrant industry for us all to work in.


£5 Lunch

Many of our young people are struggling financially.

Taking a packed lunch to a work placement or training course is cheap but can sometimes lead to embarrassment and may mean lost chances to socialise with their new colleagues while settling in.

Could you spare £5.00 a month to help fund lunch for a young person?

£25 One-time gift

The average work experience placement lasts at least a week. Could you fund 1 week’s lunch as a single donation?

£10 Travel Pass

Our young people often struggle with transport charges and, in many cases, don’t have enough money to attend important appointments.

A donation of £10 a month could give a young person unlimited day travel across many UK cities, enabling them to come to our offices to receive support and guidance, or to attend a critical job interview.

£50 Weekly pass

A one-week travel pass in most UK cities costs around £50.00. Could you fund the travel costs for a week’s work placement or course?

Sponsor/Fund an Event

Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, you can sponsor a Talent RISE event to help provide a hand-up to a group of young people who really need your help.

£500 Workshop Facilitation

Talent RISE workshops focus on getting young people confident, skilled and empowered to change their lives and avoid the unemployment rabbit hole.

The vast majority of our workshop facilitators are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and knowledge. However, we do occasionally work with paid facilitators.

A £500 donation could cover these costs, enabling up to 12 diverse and ambitious young people to develop essential skills to launch a career in tech.

Benefits for Organisations

As a thank you for sponsoring the workshop, you’ll receive:

  • A shout out on all Talent and Talent RISE social media feeds, sharing your generosity to over 200k tech professionals
  • A digital note of thanks from the UK Director of Talent RISE to use as part of your CSR strategy across your social media channels and website
  • The ability to use the Talent RISE supporter logo for a period of 12 months on your marketing material as recognition of your contribution

£950 Total Workshop Expenses

Our workshops can make a huge impact on youth unemployment but as well as the occasional paid facilitator, we also incur costs for travel expenses, lunches and branded merch for the young people to take home.

A £950 donation could cover all of these costs for one workshop, enabling up to 12 young people to develop essential skills for work.

Benefits for organisations

As a thank you for sponsoring the workshop, you’ll receive:

  • Talent RISE partnership status with your logo included on our website and the use of the Talent RISE partnership logo on your marketing materials for a period of 12 months
  • A dedicated press release crafted by our Marketing team, announcing your partnership and details of the workshop that you are sponsoring
  • Promotion of the press release on all Talent and Talent RISE social media feeds, sharing your generosity to over 200k tech professionals
  • Priority access to all Talent RISE UK events and workshops, as well as VIP networking events for partners

Laptop Donation

Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, you can sponsor a Talent RISE event to help provide a hand-up to a group of young people who really need your help.

Over the past 6 months we have helped donate over 200 unwanted laptops to schools and young people across the UK who have struggled to gain access to digital devices.

The coronavirus pandemic did not create the digital divide across the UK it simply highlighted the negative impact that this has on young people.

We want to continue to help level the playing field in both education and access to work, by giving new life to your unwanted laptops(s). In many circumstances we can arrange to collect the machines from your home or office and in all circumstances the laptop hard drive data will be cleansed by our qualified network partners.

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