Thanks to the invaluable backing of our bold and compassionate partners, Talent RISE gives young people the motivation, skills and self-belief required to secure meaningful employment.

Our program partners and employers play an integral role in getting young people job-ready, finding them work experience and employment, and providing mentoring and ongoing support.

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Our employment programs run in partnership with leading youth support and corporate organisations. We are proud to work with some of the best of the best in the youth and technology sectors and strive for our friendships to be sincere, flexible and beneficial for all involved.

We have partnership and sponsorship opportunities for not-for-profit organisations, corporates and training providers.

Passionate employer? We can add value to your corporate social responsibility offering and provide meaningful connections to youth employment programs and inspiring not-for-profits.

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Employed through Talent RISE, aged 22

“After I finished year 12 I went on to start a university degree. I needed a job to support myself but received knock back after knock back, claiming I was ‘lacking the skills required’ or ‘did not have the necessary qualifications’.

Feeling disheartened I struggled to find work and eventually had to leave uni to focus on my job hunt. Then I fell sick and had to take a year off work – leading to more challenges as potential employers questioned why I hadn’t worked consistently, assuming the gaps in my resume meant I was flaky.

The Oasis Pathways Program and Talent RISE gave me workplace and technology training, career guidance, corporate clothing and the opportunity to gain work experience in an industry I was interested in.

I now work for an international company who are really supportive, even when I make mistakes, and I have received positive feedback. I have a workplace buddy I can talk to about things going on at work and just generally catch up. My life has gotten so much better since I have started working. My confidence levels are up, I’m motivated to do things I wouldn’t normally do, and I enjoy going to work, knowing people believe in me.”


Chief Financial Officer, Talent

“Our technology company had been looking to evolve our internal recruitment processes to ensure the door was open to young people who may not fit the typical ‘essential criteria’ mold.

We know there is a huge amount of hidden talent to be found and we were keen to provide a real opportunity to a bright young person who had faced challenges to employment.

Talent RISE helped us to facilitate a work experience placement for a student on the Oasis Pathways Program, which then progressed into a full time paid role. She continues to impress me with her commitment and enthusiasm and it is fantastic to watch her learn and grow in her role.

As a Talent RISE – supported employee, the young person has access to a mentor and workplace buddy in conjunction with Oasis Youth Support Network, one of the organisation’s not-for-profit partners.

There are many deserving, inspiring young people who, with the right training and support, have the potential to do great things. They just need to be given a chance to show us what they’re capable of.”

Job Placements

As an employment partner, you and your employee will be fully supported through a tailored recruitment and mentoring process.

We will ensure you get the best young person for the role – a motivated ‘graduate’ of one of our programs who needs an opportunity to progress.

We will work with you to select and place the young person; providing expertise to support their journey into your workforce and beyond.

We need placements for our inspiring young people in entry level roles and traineeships in areas such as:

Customer service
IT desk support
Digital media
Trainee technology roles

Kate's Story

“I became a workplace buddy to a young person who had been out of work for over 3 years after getting to know her during her work experience placement.

Being a workplace buddy has allowed me to develop a supportive, professional relationship with a young person who has shown incredible dedication, eagerness and courage during her new role. We do not work directly together in our day-to-day roles, which means I am ideally placed to provide informal guidance, even if it’s just to let her know where the best coffee shops are!

It has been a privilege watching my ‘buddy’ grow and develop; to see her confidence increase, and know that her life has taken a different turn – towards a very positive future.”

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Your Talent RISE journey starts now.

Many of the young people we work with do not have access to laptops on a regular basis. We are working to support our partner organisations by facilitating the donation of laptops, computers and other technology.

If you are moving offices or upgrading your own systems, we can help you give those extra laptops and computers a second life, whilst supporting our young people to achieve their career goals.

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Fundraising events allow us to continue to develop employment programs, resources and support which positively impacts young people with barriers to employment.

If you or your business would like to donate new items for use in auctions and other activities we would love to hear from you.

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