Thanks to the invaluable backing of our bold and compassionate supporters, Talent RISE gives young people the motivation and skills required to secure employment and feel excited about their careers – often for the first time.

Many of our young people come from backgrounds characterised by multigenerational unemployment, substance abuse and antisocial behaviour.

You can help us to break this unemployment cycle and change a young person’s life through meaningful training, support and career opportunities.

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Can you support and motivate young people to become job-ready and progress in their career?

We are looking for empathetic professionals to train and mentor students and ‘graduates’ of our employment programs. Get in touch to find out how you can join our Talent RISE community.

Talent RISE programs run in partnership with leading youth support organisations and are designed to be as flexible as possible for our amazing volunteers.

You can help young people in a variety of ways, from giving a couple of hours of your time to train a group on a new skill, to mentoring a young person who is trying to find or continue employment.

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IT Recruitment Practice Manager

“Talent Rise allows me to feel like I am giving back to a community who does not receive enough help. Prior to recruitment I was a Teacher; in my previous organisation I worked with the now defunct, FITT mentoring program for people who wanted to get the next step up in their careers.

I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people achieve even the smallest step forward in their career. I have to admit meeting someone I have no connection to terrifies me. Every time I volunteer to an event with a brand new contact I am very nervous, although at the end being able to see how much I’ve helped them makes it incredibly rewarding and is the reason I keep doing it.”


IT Recruitment Account Manager & RISE Volunteer

“Volunteering has always been something I have wanted to do for a long time but for one reason or another timing has always been an issue. As soon as the invitation came out through Talent RISE I immediately made myself available and it’s been a very enlightening, unique and humbling experience to say the least.

Being fortunate to listen to guest speakers Suwana Combo, Thorn Ayerst , Nigel Cameron and David Cameron – individuals who overcame barriers to pursue their passion and careers is truly inspiring for both volunteers and the students.

I then had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences through the group sessions, answering questions regarding CV and interview preparations.

Talent RISE and Weave does a great service to create a positive energy and support young individuals to realise their potential and open doors they may feel they cannot open on their own.

I want to thank Talent RISE and Weave for the opportunity to be part of this great initiative.”

Opportunities Coming soon ... Get in contact to find out more