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Talent RISE is the foundation of Talent – a global IT&T recruitment and technology services specialist. We are uniting the spirit of 15 million global IT&T professionals to collectively roll up their sleeves and facilitate real world solutions to the youth unemployment crisis finding roles for a youth jobseeker. By partnering with leading not-for-profit organisations, Talent RISE is set to reignite the passion of the technology sector and change the industry. Our ambition is to inspire, enfranchise and positively impact young people through education, mentoring and job placement opportunities. Learn more about us below.

Youth unemployment carries with it broader social impacts which can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Homelessness, drug use, poor physical and mental health not only affect the individuals themselves, they impact us all, whether we know or have direct contact with these young people or not.

More and more jobseeker people are slipping between the cracks. But with an aging population providing its own welfare and health system pressures, something has to be done to increase the job prospects of our youth!

Through Talent RISE, we can showcase the world in a better light, and help young people move from merely wanting to get ahead to being inspired! We believe by inspiring young people, we can help them make better choices; help them become more confident, and in turn, help them become better influencers of their peers.

With your help, Talent RISE can genuinely bring about meaningful and positive change to the lives of many young people. And in doing so, we can collectively improve society for everyone.

If you’re a jobseeker, find out more here. Your next opportunity could be around the corner, we look forward to coming on that journey with you!