From March to May in the UK

20190402 - LY CV Workshop 2

It’s been a brilliant few months for Talent RISE in the UK and the time’s gone in the blink of an eye. So much so it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog and I wanted to take the time today to share a few of the many exciting developments.

Firstly, RISE placed its first young candidate into employment on March 12!

Ronnie, who comes from Brixton – one London’s most deprived wards – is now working as a Recruitment Resourcer within Talent’s International’s London office. He’s faced a lot of challenges in his life but since engaging with RISE he’s consistently shown an incredible attitude, hunger and determination to make the most of the opportunity offered to him.

These traits have stood him in great stead at Talent, and it’s been a real pleasure watching him grow in confidence since starting work. He’s become a valued and popular team member and it won’t be long until he completes his first three months in role. Well done Ronnie!


Secondly, in April we ran our first CV workshop for an amazing group of nine young people. This workshop was organised with one of our many great community partners, the fantastic London Youth.

From 2014 to 2018, London Youth led a partnership of organisations running Talent Match London, an employability programme that worked with over 2,500 young Londoners aged 18-24. Learning from the programme fed into Talent Match Croydon which launched in January 2018.

This programme also supports 18-24 year olds and aims to tackle high levels of youth unemployment in the borough using a youth work approach, building young people’s confidence, resilience, networks and skills to enable them to enter and sustain work.

The nine young people who joined the workshop were all part of the Talent Match Croydon programme and this is a great example of how Talent RISE works in partnership with existing youth organisations who are already doing fantastic work in their communities.

Lydia, one of the London Youth staff members summed up the day like this:

The Talent RISE & Talent Match Croydon explore the tech sector CV workshop is how collaborations between youth/community organisations and businesses should be delivered. It was an informative and inclusive day, and it was clear that Talent RISE had made the effort to understand the best way to engage young people; which in turn made the day really authentic in its delivery.

It really was a brilliant session and everyone involved, including all the young people and Talent staff who volunteered their time, also gave us great feedback. Even more excitingly we also held a follow up workshop on searching and applying for jobs on May 29 for the young people who’ve since applied the learnings and updated their CVs. This workshop received great feedback again, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

Thirdly, having previously focused all our efforts in London, we’ve now begun initial work in Manchester too.

Over the last seven weeks we’ve met with almost a dozen employers in the city, many of which are keen to provide opportunities for young people. This is brilliant and a great example of both Manchester’s community spirit and the ability of Talent’s local staff to leverage their professional and personal networks in the city.

As a result we’ve also begun building our northern network of community partners too. Stay tuned for more updates.

Finally, I’m delighted to announce that Talent RISE recently secured charity status in England & Wales!

Our documents were originally submitted in December of last year, but the regulator had a backlog of applications so processing was held up until recently. Happily, they were able to review our information this month and Talent RISE was officially entered into the register of charities on May 16, 2019.

This marks a massive milestone in Talent RISE’s development in the UK and we want to say a huge thank you to Clarke Willmott who provided bro-bono legal advice in preparing our application. Yet another great example of how organisations can work together to support young people.

All in all there’s a huge amount going on at the moment, so look out for more exciting announcements soon.


Talent RISE is looking for more employers who can offer work placements or help prepare young people for them by hosting workshops and insight days. To learn more please contact // 07585 984 810.