Meet Kylie Spencer

At Talent RISE and Talent we believe in unleashing the exceptional potential of today’s youth. It is through the Talent RISE foundation that as an organisation, Talent has been able to demonstrate our  commitment to solving the youth unemployment problem. We take this seriously and like to “practice what we preach”. This year we had the pleasure of welcoming a Talent RISE program graduate Kylie Spencer into our Melbourne office as a Branch Administration Assistant.


Since joining our Melbourne office Kylie has seamlessly fit into the organisation and been an outstanding member of the team. Kylie faced racial challenges when trying to enter the workforce being a young Aboriginal woman. Not loosing her confidence despite this, Kylie has pushed past the prejudice she faced with previous employers, to secure a role she now enjoys with Talent.

Kylie’s position as Talent as an Administration Assistant, in gives her the opportunity to be a stepping stone to whatever she wants to go in her career. For somebody as hard working and committed as Kylie, all it took was an employer to look past the minimal experience and believe in her.

Here’s what Kylie has to say about Talent RISE and her experience working at Talent.

“Being a proud young Aboriginal woman looking for work is hard, because I was not given the right opportunities to be judged on my actual abilities by potential employers. Rather I was often judged on my race and lack of experience due to my age. Talent RISE has given me the chance to get into the workforce and experience what it is actually like to work within a corporate environment. The continuing support and mentoring from Whitelion and Talent RISE I receive has helped me grow as a person and build on my professional working skills. From the first moment I started working at Talent my co-workers have been so accepting of me and have shown me so many new skills that I can utilise in my day-to-day tasks. But what I really value is the the true sense of positive belonging as part of a dynamic working team where I am contributing everyday. I also value so much how the whole Talent business across Australia stands up for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities, land, culture and most importantly our People and the Talent RISE Foundation clearly demonstrates this.”


One of the highlights for Kylie in joining the Talent team, was getting to attend Talents annual staff conference in Fiji. Not only had Kylie never been outside of Australia, she’d never been outside of Victoria. This was a phenomenal opportunity for Kylie and we’re sure an experience she will never forget.

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