Nada’s Journey // An Employers Perspective


Talent RISE is passionate about changing the lives of young people who have experienced barriers to employment. To do this, we provide education, training, life skills and employment opportunities to help young people RISE UP to their full potential and to gain independence and purpose. 

One of the young people we’ve recently supported into work is Nada Bekhit. With our support Nada secured a job with Talent International via the Government’s Kickstart Scheme. Kickstart is a UK Government scheme that funds 6-month work placements for young people aged 16-24. The scheme has now closed to new application but organisations taking part receive full funding to cover 100% of the National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week, plus employer National Insurance Contributions and employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions.

The most powerful opportunities employers have is to embrace the potential of young people. From an employer’s perspective, we spoke to Jodie Paxton, Jodie is a Delivery Manager guiding Nada through her new role and supporting her journey as a starter. 

Q- From an employer’s perspective what made you want to get involved with RISE?

I think it’s just what the RISE team promotes well, giving back to young people. We have all been young once so we can all surely relate to how hard it is to get on a career ladder. So that’s the main reason I wanted to be involved. 

Q- What about RISE makes it easier to find and connect the right young people?

The Talent RISE team is genuinely passionate about it. They really do care about the individual coming through the programme, how they feel, who is right for the role and the opportunity. That translates into how I feel about it, it makes me feel we are able to provide real opportunities to people like Nada. So we can break down the barriers to employment and start her life in the world of work. 

Q- What is it about Nada? What made her the right fit?

I think Nada displays attributes that you need for recruitment. A natural curiosity, asking questions and a willingness to learn. She can be quite analytical as well, which bodes well when you are trying to read between the lines of CV’s and figure out the sorts of candidate we are dealing with. Nada is really personable! She gets on with the team and candidates – it’s a talking job so she is well set!

Q- What impact has Nada had on the office culture?

Nada is quite shy, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t add value to the office. I think it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone different if everyone was the exact same which would be boring, right? We have had a few dinners out, some whacky conversations at the desk – her presence is known and she is great to be around! 

Q- What does the future hold for Nada?

Big things! We have quickly picked up on the fact that Nada can contribute so much, she is on the phone identifying really good candidates – for the future I see her as a big billing member of the team and a recruiter to be reckoned with! She’s definitely got it in her locker.

For more information about this, get in touch on /placements and to see what Nada had to say from an employee perspective click this link to go to her Q&A 


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