Osman’s Story

In his final year at school, Osman felt like many other students: a bit lost and unsure of what the future will hold.

“I didn’t want to go the traditional way [to university],” he says. “I’m a physical learner, so I wanted a more hands on learning experience.

“When I heard about the Talent RISE InRoads program, I was interested right away.


Osman and Cat


Smoothing the bumps in the road

“Looking back, I had a lot of obstacles but I just held onto hope,” says Osman.

“I grew up in Bangladesh. Our home was like any other: a lot of yelling and shouting. My parents were very strict and conservative, but I understood that they only wanted the best for me. When I was old enough, they sent me overseas so I could get a better education.”

When he graduated year 12, Osman was recommended to RISE by his school careers adviser.

“Osman came to our office for a meeting and smiled from start to finish. He’s such a genuine young man,” says Catarina Marques, RISE Youth Recruitment Consultant. “We talked about his interests and what he wanted to do once he finished school.

“He made it clear he wanted to move into project management, but realised he needed to get his foot in the door with a supportive company that would nurture his talents. This made him a perfect candidate for our InRoads program.”

InRoads is a skills development and employment initiative that engages school-leavers with training and job placement opportunities. Offered to students in at-risk areas of Sydney and Melbourne, the program aims to place 140 young people in permanent, entry-level positions by 2019.

Osamn case study

Forging a new path

After their meeting, Catarina referred Osman to Work Ventures, a partner organisation that coordinates traineeship opportunities.

“As a practical, hands-on learner, we felt a traineeship would be the best way for Osman to enter the workforce, gain vital work experience and also study for a certificate in IT,” says Catarina.

Work Ventures sent Osman for two interviews. With coaching and support from Catarina, Osman was offered a job with Ramkey Consulting.

“I was a bit shocked to hear that I was successful,” he says. “I love my job and am learning a lot. The traineeship works so well for me – it has all the bits of IT I enjoy and gives me the option to either continue working or to join second or third year studies with credits for prior learning.”


On the road to success

“I’m so proud of Osman’s hard work and pleased to see it paid off,” says Catarina. “As part of post-placement care, I am in regular contact with Osman and he is very happy. The feedback from Ramkey Consulting about his work is positive.”

Osman is thriving in his new job and is grateful for the opportunity to build a successful career.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Catarina and RISE,” he says. “With them on my side, nothing can stand in my way and the professional presence I strive for.”