The solution is in your hands

When a country’s youth unemployment becomes the norm, it’s not long until it simply gets accepted as a fact of life. If something isn’t done soon, Australia will find itself in this situation.

The unemployment rate for 15-24 year olds currently sits at a distressing 13.5 per cent, while nearly one in five (18 per cent) are underemployed.

At Talent RISE, however, we believe there’s a way to solve this crisis – and the answer lies in your hands.

Employers in Australia have more power than they realise when it comes to lowering the youth unemployment percentage towards zero. There are so many opportunities for organisations to show young people what’s possible by inspiring and empowering them through job placement opportunities.

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We all know the job market can be tough, but as employers you have the opportunity to hire passionate and loyal candidates who are willing to learn; who are excited to be part of a successful and driven team – just like Kylie.

Be part of the solution and help bring about meaningful and positive change to the lives of young people. In doing so, we can collectively improve society for everyone.

Do you have job opportunities within your organisation? Contact us today and support Aussie youths to build a fulfilling career.

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