Workforce trends: Collaboration – many jobs with different employers

The typical employment model of one job at a single organisation is declining. Instead, we’re seeing the rise of a trend known as collaboration. Whereby any one member of the workforce might have several part-time jobs, all at the same time. If job seekers start rethinking what they see as a  ‘typical’ job, and begin to look at more collaboration opportunities, this might just help to solve Australia’s unemployment problem.

The rise of a flexible worker

Up to 30 per cent of the Australian workforce are involved in flexible work arrangements, according to a study by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA). This is part of a wider trend for part-time or temporary work – since the 1990s, more than half of the job growth across the OECD has been in temporary, part-time or self-employed opportunities, as reported by the same source.

How is this possible?

Technology. That’s the main reason why these flexible employment arrangements are possible. While some might go into one job two days a week and another three days a week, others might choose to work from home the whole time, and do all their work remotely.

Recently, we talked about the rise of the global worker – someone who works from home for a company that might not be in the same town or even country as where they live. This phenomenon is just as important in collaboration. While someone may have a part-time job in their hometown, they can also search for opportunities to prop up their income at workplaces outside of their own country.

Global opportunities tend to pay fairly well – since 2000, Australian earnings from foreign employment have increased 89 per cent, or 5 per cent a year. If Australians get to top up their income with foreign jobs, while still remaining at home and continuing their part-time work, this could really help to make a difference with youth unemployment nationwide.

How can we help?

It’s hard to find one job, let alone multiple sources of employment. This is where the Talent Rise Foundation can help. Talent Rise is taking steps every day to find real solutions to youth unemployment. For more information, please contact us.