We believe that one of the most powerful and rewarding opportunities employers have is to embrace the potential of young people

Do something great

Talent RISE workshops are designed to leverage the expertise of our industry partners to help young people build skills, confidence and professional networks. By hosting or helping to deliver a workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to provide vital career guidance and inspiration, and to assist young people on their pathway to employment.

Inspiring a young person and helping them through training, work experience or employment not only provides them purpose, structure and direction, it can positively impact the lives of those around them and society at large.

It was all so interesting and also an eye opener. It has made realise that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. The day was full of love and laughter with great people, talking about things that matter

– Haley Brown, 21
RISE Candidate

Wow, wow, what a day from our perspective. The BPAY team involved felt so rewarded and enthused by meeting, participating and helping all the young people we met. Absolutely brilliant

– John Banfield

Workshop Benefits


Inspire & educate young people


Drive positive engagement in your business


Promote your workshop via social channels to enhance your EVP and demonstrate brand values

Give back

Provide your team with a meaningful opportunity to give back


Good is the new cool, do your part for diversity and inclusion

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To find out how you can get involved in workshops, or how to offer an entry-level role, work experience or training opportunity, please get in touch.


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