TOP 5 Skills Young People can learn to get the job!


The last few years have been especially tough on young people and their employment prospects. Finding jobs in wanted career paths is harder than ever to achieve, regardless of experience, degrees and qualifications. Now more than ever a young person’s employment is dependent on their skillset.

A skillset is hard to develop but once you have laid the foundation – the rest is easier! At Talent RISE, we have compiled five top skills that young people should consider learning in order to make that leap into the world of work!

Below are five skills young people can develop that will help get them a job

1. Problem Solving Skills

Perhaps the most important skill young people can develop before entering the workforce is problem-solving skills. Being flexible in your decision making and therefore your problem solving is a fundamental skill in your development for the world of work.

Many education systems do not teach these skills as they have chosen to focus on linear learning strategies. Today’s jobs are no longer linear; workers need to be able to adapt to all sorts of problems that may come up. Being open-ended and authentic in your approach to problem solving makes you not only a desirable candidate for employment but will also improve your day-to-day life. 

2.  Communication Skills

Communication skills are perhaps second in importance only to problem-solving skills when it comes to skills needed for jobs in the future. Young people need practice in writing and speaking until they feel comfortable communicating in the workplace. 

As an essential skill regardless of the world of work, if you are unable to communicate effectively, many other skills will be ineffective. Great ideas cannot be voiced and actions cannot be relayed if you are unable to express yourself. As a young person, you must be effective at getting ideas across both in writing and in speaking. 

It goes without saying but, many employers list a strong writing and speaking ability among the top skills being looked for in new hires!

​​3. Digital Literacy

Today, Digital tech is implemented in almost every type of day-to-day activity and therefore nearly every career involves using technology in some manner. 

The more a young person knows about technology, the more appealing they will be when applying to job opportunities. Digital literacy involves being familiar with a variety of technologies, so that you can easily learn to use any program or device. 

As a young people preparing for employment, you should aim to continuously increase your knowledge of emerging technologies while also keeping up to date on the tech landscape. This will help future employers to see you as easily trainable and set you an a path to being an expert in your desired field. 

4. Self-Knowledge and Emotional Intelligence

One of the most important skills needed in the future workforce is self-knowledge. 

Young people need to know themselves well enough to know their strengths and weaknesses. If you are aware of how you function and how you can apply your strengths and combat your weaknesses accordingly, you can make adjustments where needed and perform at your best. 

Young people who know themselves not only know how to approach and solve problems, but are also better able to work with others.

In addition to self-knowledge, young workers also need to be able to understand others through emotional intelligence. This will allow you to make connections with co-workers, superiors and anyone who is associated with your company. Making strong connections and being personable  is essential in any industry.

Applying self knowledge and emotional intelligence will make a young person more confident and able to take on situations and therefore be more attractive in the world of work. 

Employers want new workers who can form these bonds in order to promote the company and work well with others.

5. Self Improvement and a Love for Learning

Expanding from the previous point, one of the most important skills needed for future jobs is curiosity and a love for learning! The future is always changing, so there is no limit to what workers in the future may need to learn to keep ahead of the competition.

Young people need to hold on to the innate curiosity and love of learning they possessed as children. These traits translate perfectly into the modern work environment. Enthusiasm is essential and infectious! 

You should constantly be pursuing knowledge and learning new things. The more you know, the more well-rounded you will be!

Employers are looking for well-rounded individuals in their workplace and someone who loves to learn is always an asset to a company.

Further Resources and Support

Several of the skills described above are covered by the Skills Builder Framework. The product of five years of cutting-edge research and design, the Skills Builder Universal Framework makes it easier for everyone to teach, learn, and measure essential skills. 

Talent RISE can also help you to increase and improve your soft skills, providing you with training and essential development that will help you tackle the challenges of the world of work! 

If you are interested in working with RISE please reach out and contact us here.


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